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Rob and Beckie's wedding

BarrettHall's Flickr page

Becky, Willie, Reba and Jack
Phalen Family blog
Phalen's Flickr page

Kristi and Micheal's website
 wedding photos on Flickr - see the various sets on the left side

Allie - CCA artwork
Our May '05 SF trip

Apple Quilt
Allie at Hill & Hollow

Atticus Hall Barrett
Nancy and Dave's first grandchild
born April 22, 2004
Our Boston visits:
April '04, May '04, October '04, March '05, November '05
Barretts' July 06 visit to Lexington

John Barrett "Jack" Phalen
Nancy and Dave's second grandson
born September 9, 2004
Nana's October '04 Visit

our August '05 visit
Nana's October '05 visit
our June '06 visit
Nana's July '06 visit

Reba Kathryn Phalen
Nancy and Dave's first granddaughter
born April 16, 2006
Reba's Arrival (Becky's pictures)
our June '06 visit
Nana's July '06 visit

Nancy and Dave
Christmas 2004 pictures

Winter '05 Scenes
TN-GA April 2005 visit
Hawaii trip - June '05
Mamanance's  Flickr page
 Nancy's Quilting page

Kathryn "Granny" Hobson's 80th birthday
Our February '05 visit to JC with Phalens, Moricles and Guinns

Mindy, Sean and Anthony
The Connors' website
  Wade's pictures from the Christening weekend

Anthony Sean Connor - Granny Hobson's first Great-Grandchild
born March 12, 2004
 PhotoJam of Anthony's first week

 Anthony's Christening

Mary Ann and Brian with Matty



visits to Hatteras
Hatteras visits
2005   2006

Ireland trip 2000


About this site

(new)  February 9, 2007 - changed the link for the Phalen Family Blog

December 30, 2006 - updated pictures of Barretts, Phalens, Atticus, Jack, Reba, the Connors, and Anthony.

October 7, 2006 - updated pictures of Allie and Reba, updated links for Allie and Hatteras, updated my email address

July 18, 2006 - I've re-arranged this page a bit to add a picture of Reba, update some other family photos and add links to various recent Flickr sets.

February 14, 2006 - new link added for my Introduction to Computers students at Maury River Senior Center

November 8, 2005 - Rob and Beckie have a new website address - so I added that in their section above.  I have added a link to the quilting page and updated the pictures of the 3 boys - can't really call them babies any more now that they are all more than a year old!

July 8, 2005 - I have gotten on the Flickr bandwagon that Rob and Becky started - hopefully you can view my Flickr badge above. Check out our Flickr photos - I did not add any new ones yet, just considering a different way of presenting some photos. I also added a picture and link to Mary Ann and Brian's webpage, re-arranged some of the other pictures and links on this page, and changed the background a bit.

July 3, 2005 - I have now finished loading all of the pictures from our Hawaii trip - the opening page is I also updated the pictures of all the couples and Allie on this page - hope they approve!

June 28, 2005 - Kristi and Micheal have added their site to Mamanance - view it here -

MAY 17, 2005 - In the grand tradition of web design, I have borrowed from Mary Ann's new website ( to put the current date on our webpage.  Hope it works for everyone.

MAY 8, 2005 - We were in San Francisco from April 30-May 4 and visited several times with Allie in Oakland. I have posted a page of pictures of one of Allie's most recent art projects and a separate San Francisco page of other pictures from our trip.

April 5, 2005 - We went to Johnson City and Atlanta area last weekend - check out the pictures from these visits at TN-GA April 2005 visit. I also added a couple of more pictures to the group from our visit to Cambridge the previous weekend. 

March 28, 2005 -We made another trip to Cambridge to see Rob, Beckie and Atty this past weekend - so more photos. I also added 3 more to our Winter '05 site - a late one of the Phalens at Granny's in Feb., and a couple of Dave and me doing some late winter activities.

February 15, 2005 - We met Becky, Willie, Jack, Mary Ann, Brian and Sue in Johnson City this past week - as you can see, many photos were taken! I also recently updated Allie's Artwork page and added a picture of Rose and Sally to the 2nd Christmas '04 page.

Jan. 21, 2005 -Snow Day for Nancy - I am spending it updating our website a bit.  New pictures from January '05, plus a few additions to the 2nd Christmas page by adding the pictures Rob sent of their visit with Granny.  Also I am adding a page of Allie's artwork from her first semester at CCA. Enjoy!

Jan. 19, 2005 - I have just added pictures from our various Christmas visits in Johnson City, Decatur, Flowery Branch and McDonough.  Many thanks to Kristi for supplying some of the digital pictures that I used in the section of pictures from "Nana's Christmas" in McDonough. I'm sure that Becky and Rob will soon be posting more pictures of the same events on the Phalen Family blog and the Littler Bear blog or Rob's Snaplog site. Thanks again to all the family who we were able to visit with this past Christmas season - we were so glad to be able to spend time with you.

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