Christmas 2004
in Rockbridge County, Johnson City, Decatur and Flowery Branch
(click here for pictures from Nana's Christmas in McDonough and our visit back to the Phalens)

Dave cutting down our tree - Nov. 26

Ready to put the tree in the car

Dave feeds the horse at Francisco Farms

Ready to decorate our tree

Nancy with the tree and Gingerbread House

Granny's table - Dec. 22

Allie and Nancy

Granny, Mary Ann and Brian

Sue and Wes

Nancy, Allie and Dave

Allie knitting

snackin' near Tanger

Phalens' new home

Jack and Nana Thursday night

Allie on changing table duty

Jack and Nana with the blanket

trying on Nana's sweater - shhhh!

Jack with "Crazy Aunt Allie"

Allie, Kristi, Nancy and Micheal after "Ocean's 12"

helping Daddy wrap his presents

"Santa Baby" Jack with Great-Grandma Rose

Jack with Dave and Allie

Jack opening presents

part of the Flowery Branch gathering

Jared with his new Spiderman ball


Amanda, Tanner and Gary

Tanner and Angie

Jack and Pappa Dave

Allie helps Grandma with the basket

Wayne and Allie

Dave playing football

Jared and Dave

Football players from the front

Football players from the back

Bingo players

Kristi, Micheal and Amanda playing bingo

Grandma, Kristi and Micheal

Kristi and Allie with their snowmen slippers

the end of a long day for Allie


click here to go to the pictures from Nana's Christmas in McDonough and our visit back to the Phalen's house


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