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Hatteras Visit #5
 July 12-19, 2003

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nkbeachpath.JPG (101195 bytes)
Nancy and Kristi on the beach path ...

nkbeachblanket.JPG (95419 bytes)
and at the beach

beachhouseviewfromocean.JPG (135843 bytes)
roofline of one of the houses on our street

porchreaders.JPG (70250 bytes)
Nancy and Kristi reading on the screened porch on a cool Sunday afternoon

grillin.JPG (94787 bytes)
grillin' cheddarwurst and falafel burgers

flightmarker.JPG (179637 bytes)
Nancy and Kristi at the first marker for the Wright Brothers' flights - in the rain

wrightdrawing.JPG (80341 bytes)
Photo of a drawing at the Wright Memorial Museum

knwrightmem.JPG (57395 bytes)
Kristi and Nancy at the Wright Memorial - small black buildings in the background are the buildings the Wright Brothers used

dkwrightmem.JPG (119077 bytes)
Dave and Kristi on the Wright Memorial

nkwrightmemwalk.JPG (141109 bytes)
Nancy and Kristi on the sidewalk up to the Wright Memorlal

bodie.JPG (53738 bytes)
Bodie Island Lighthouse

dnbodielighthouse.JPG (106491 bytes)
Dave and Nancy on the railing of a walkway at the Bodie Island Lighthouse

bodiedoor.JPG (132128 bytes)
the entrance to Bodie Lighthouse

kcoquinabeach.JPG (90620 bytes)
Kristi says the water is cold at Coquina Beach

kcoquinachair.JPG (95502 bytes)
Lifeguard Kristi

dkcoquinachair.JPG (89275 bytes)
Dave and Kristi in the lifeguard's chair ...

dkposing.JPG (92213 bytes)
and Dave and Kristi "posing"

laurabarnes.JPG (68954 bytes)
Nancy looking at the remains of the Laura Barnes shipwreck at Coquina Beach

kcoquinabathhouse.JPG (109740 bytes)
Kristi rinsing off at the Coquina bathouse

kbike.JPG (86399 bytes)
The bikers -- Kristi on Sutton Place (our street)... and Dave with Hatteras Landing homes in the background

dbike.JPG (61953 bytes) 

nkgear.JPG (150322 bytes)
Beach gear - "Are you planning to spend the whole day there?"

sunbathing.JPG (100814 bytes)
working hard to get a tan!

kocean.JPG (76363 bytes)
there has to be a "playing in the water" picture

kfootball.JPG (85158 bytes)
Throwing the football at the beach picnic

dfootball.JPG (171416 bytes)
more football throwing ...

kfootball2.JPG (134997 bytes)
and catching too

knfootball.JPG (125059 bytes)
The center and quarterback?

grill.JPG (90829 bytes)
The grilling is underway

picnicready.JPG (93439 bytes)
Let's eat!

npicnic.JPG (139742 bytes)
I want to remember every moment

smores.JPG (65842 bytes)
Gotta have s'mores!

dferry.JPG (92969 bytes)
On the ferry to Ocracoke

ferrybirds.JPG (79691 bytes)
feeding the birds

kferry.JPG (110164 bytes)
Kristi on the ferry

knferry.JPG (58799 bytes)
Kristi and Nancy on the ferry
horsepen.JPG (80330 bytes)
Ocracoke horse pen
ocracokegroupic.JPG (100217 bytes)
Photo from The Benches at Ocracoke beach
walkingtour.JPG (116510 bytes)
Walking tour of Ocracoke Village with the park ranger

british cemetery.JPG (114648 bytes)
The British Cemetery

walkingtourlhouse.JPG (205439 bytes)
the walking tour with the lighthouse in the background
ndlightocraklhouse.JPG (123394 bytes)
Nancy and Dave at the Ocracoke Lighthouse
astyronstoresign.JPG (143798 bytes)
Albert Styron Store sign
parasailsignup.JPG (96838 bytes)
Signing up to go parasailing

parasailingboat.JPG (97113 bytes)
On the parasailing boat ... but ... it was too windy to go up so we had to come back

davehot.JPG (54175 bytes)
Dave really was about this hot and tired in the car on the ferry
puzzlekn.JPG (81797 bytes)
Working on the puzzle

puzzlekd.JPG (82573 bytes)
Where is the piece that goes there?

deckgroup.JPG (66753 bytes)
Group photo on the deck
dbikehatlight.JPG (133753 bytes)
Dave rode the bike to Hatteras Lighthouse - Nancy drove the car
newsgazette.JPG (99766 bytes)
Nancy with the News-Gazette at Hatteras Lighthouse
ntopoflighthouse.JPG (57913 bytes)

Views from the top of Hatteras Lighthouse

dntopoflighthouse.JPG (59459 bytes)

ndreamhouse.JPG (112126 bytes)
Nancy and her dream house
nhelmet.JPG (73584 bytes)
Nancy in her bike helmet

dhatlanding.JPG (77382 bytes)
Dave relaxing at Hatteras Landing ...

nlightkeepergal.JPG (166835 bytes)
while Nancy shops at Light Keeper Gallery
crablegs.JPG (77486 bytes)
Preparing a crableg feast


goodbye1.JPG (68427 bytes)

Saying Good-bye for this year

goodbye2.JPG (79751 bytes)




Some of our favorite places to eat

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