Beach Week
July 10-17, 2004

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Welcome sign at Visitor Center near Manteo

Nancy in rocking chair at Visitor Center

Winged horse at Visitor Center

Becky, Willie and Dave in water for first time

Nancy, Willie and Becky on the beach

Allie, Kristi and Micheal arrive

checking out Allie's computer

Allie and Nancy walk to get bikes at LRGS

Allie's test ride on her bike

Willie, Becky and Carter walking to beach

Allie ready for a day in the sun

Micheal and Kristi ready for sun

Becky tries to stay on her feet

the calm ocean on Sunday

Allie with the Boogie Board

Becky reading - thanks to a hole in the sand!

Sunday sunbathers

Allie and Dave enjoying the shade

dolphin watching with binoculars

Allie reading - sunning her legs

Micheal and Kristi leaving the beach

Dave, Allie and Becky begin the puzzle

Scattergories is hard work!

Monday's Ferry ride to Ocracoke

Willie, Becky and Allie (with knitting)

Micheal and Kristi on the ferry

Ocracoke's Pony Pen

Overlook at the Pony Pen

the blocked path at Pony Pen

Kristi toe-writing in the sand

Allie collecting Ocracoke Beach shells

Allie, Nancy and Kristi at Ocracoke Beach

The annual group picture at Ocracoke Beach

Allie at Nat'l Park Service hdqtrs in Ocracoke ...

and again

Micheal and Kristi strolling in Ocracoke village

we're hungry - where's Mom?

Nancy, Kristi and Micheal at Ocracoke Lighthouse

lunch at Howard's Pub

Feeding the birds from the ferry

birds get closer ...

and closer

too close?

progress on the puzzle

Carter watches Nancy get ready for bike ride

Nancy with Hatteras Landing homes

Dave sitting in "our" chair at Hatteras Landing

Allie and the sand castle from down the beach

the canopy
before it blew away

trying to fold the canopy
after it blew away

Seafood and veggie grillin'

Willie and Becky working on Tuesday's dinner

Dave, Kristi and Micheal with the football

Wednesday's trip to Hatteras Lighthouse

heat index of 109- Lighthouse closed

group at the closed Lighthouse

Willie and Becky at Lighthouse

Micheal and Kristi at the Lighthiuse

Allie at the Lighthouse

Nancy and Dave at the Lighthouse

waiting for Mom - again

Allie on bike ride with Dave

Allie with a ghost crab

We all got a chance at wiffle ball

Allie with Gingerbread House sign

Breakfast at Gingerbread House before Phalens leave

Micheal, Kristi and Allie at Dirty Dicks Crab House

waiting for Mom - one more time!

adding to the T-shirt and huggies collection

Dave begins his bike ride to the Lighthouse on Friday

He made it as far as the Lighthouse

We made it to the top!

Dave at the top

Nancy with sign inside Lighthouse

bike ride continues - nearing Avon

passing Avon sign

arriving in Avon center

closing in on destination
Finally I can stop - 20 miles from The Schwind

Hurricane Isabel's line

Nancy with our last dinner

Dave with the sunset the last night


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