Our Visit to Hatteras Island
February 22, 2004

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PhotoJam show of some of these pictures

OBX Visitor's Center

Nancy's crableg dinner

Comfort Inn Buxton

Dave at the lighthouse

Nancy at the lighthouse

Welcome to "Little Hatteras"

thankfully The Schwind looks the same

our path to the beach looks much different

as do the dunes, especially from the beach

view from the beach of the houses by our path

the remains of one dune

the houses south of us - no dunes

Dave with the houses north of us

Dave looking for shells

Nancy with some shells

aerial view of The Schwind

Seaoats near Holiday Inn

Hatteras Landing

at the Hatteras Landing marina

and at the walkway over the marshes

Nancy's favorite chair

Only the sign remains of Teach's Lair Marina

Detour around road repairs near Teach's Lair Marina

Texaco station on the northern edge of town

debris removal still going on

some areas look pretty desolate

looks like they are replanting vegetation

Light Keeper Gallery is now near lighthouse

remembering the way it was ...

in summers past

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