Aloha from Hawaii
June 11-18, 2005



  • Tuesday (Polynesian Cultural Center)

  • Wednesday - Thursday (fly to Kauai, Kapaa condo, Lydgate Park, Kilauea Lighthouse, Limahuli Garden, Hanelei Bay)
  • Friday - Saturday (helicopter ride, Wailua Falls, last dinner, flight home)


our "Main Man"- the tour guide for the bus trip to the Center

"Here's how this is going to work Cousins" (everyone is considered their "cousins"  while there)

fellow tourist from Roanoke tries his hand at the drums in the Tonga village

receiving the "prizes" for being  willing participants in the performance

performance in the New Zealand village

Elisha, our guide for the villages, is from Malaysia

playing the stick game in New Zealand

getting a tatoo

Dave tries twirling the poi balls in New Zealand

a Fijian chief's house

hula lesson

sampling poi

dancers from The Islands of the Marquesas

New Zealand canoe in the Rainbows of Paradise Canoe Show

Samoan canoe

Tahitian canoe

Tonga canoe

Hawaiian canoe

Tahitian dancers

Tahitians serving coconut bread

Samoan fire-starter

climbing a coconut tree

weaving a pair of fish

Easter Island exhibit



luau show


all honeymooners and anniversary celebrants were asked to come up and dance during the luau

background image is from the photo of clothing worn in Tahiti

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