Nana's October Visit 
October 23-24, 2004

Nana's first bottle for Jack

Changing table smile for Mommie

close-up on the changing table

Jack's nursery table

in the bassinet

Nana in the nursery with Jack

and again

enough with the camera!

Kristi with Jack


Kristi gets her turn at feeding

Great-grandma Rose with Jack

and again

Midge with Jack

the very serious Mr. Jack in the carseat

The Phalens at home

saying good-bye


Below are pictures from Kristi and Micheal.

Sacked out after a ride in the car

and again

Willie and Becky

Another carseat picture

and again

The background image on this page is the print of the Pottery Barn "Velour Animals" sheets that are in Jack's nursery.

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Nancy Badertscher
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