Kristi's Graduation and Cookout

Kristi began work on a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education at Georgia State University in June, 2003 and completed the program this summer.  Below are pictures from the cookout that Becky and Willie Phalen held to honor Kristi at their house on August 7 and from the graduation ceremony on August 8.

Nancy relaxing on Phalen's patio

Kristi, Nancy and Micheal at snack bar

Granny, Micheal, Kristi and Willie in the kitchen

Nancy and Sue

Wade, Wes, Wendy and Becky on the patio

Dave at the grill

Wes, Wade, Sue and Wendy

Grandma Badertscher

Micheal and Kristi at the snack bar

Sue and Granny

Becky, Willie, Micheal, Nancy, Kristi, Wes and Randy

Betty and Willie

Nancy, Becky, Midge and Granny


Becky - the mom-to-be


Wade with the dart board

Kristi with her balloons

Becky with the crib and Willie's giraffe


GSU Sports Arena

Nancy, Granny and Micheal at graduation


Kristi receiving her "diploma"

Adjusting the hood

The Graduate

Kristi with her proud parents ...

and with Micheal

Checking out the diploma

It's a letter saying the diploma will be mailed!


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