Baby Shower for Becky, Willie and Baby Boy Phalen

Dave's sisters Nancy Badertscher ("Midge") and Linda Wilson, with some help from Kristi and others who brought food, hosted a shower for Becky and Willie at a Longhorn Steakhouse in Atlanta on August 8. Here are a few photos from that shower.

The cake

Becky, Paul, Gina, Betty, Randy and Erin

Grandma Badertscher, Eric, Tanner, Brooke, Amanda and Gary

Group shot

Nancy, Kristi, Micheal, Wes and Sue

another group shot

Kristi and Micheal

Tanner with Angie and Nancy

Erin and Aaron


Paul and Gina



one of the scrapbooks

blue outfit

baseball outfit

hooded robe

the Gymini

a baby bank

GA bulldogs outfit

Micheal's prize

Gary, Grandma, Tanner, Brooke, Amanda and Eric

The background image on this page is the print of the Pottery Barn "Velour Animals" sheets that are in the nursery.

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Nancy Badertscher
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