Beckie and Rob's Wedding Weekend
March 23-24, 2001

Wedding Reception
The Casements, Ormond Beach, FL
March 24
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MA Rob Beckie.JPG (95024 bytes)
The Newlyweds
hobsons with snapps.JPG (54363 bytes)
Granny with Snapps, Badertschers, Guinns and Moricles
badertschers with becky and willie.JPG (54468 bytes)
Grandma Rose with Nancy and Dave, Allie, Kristi, Midge, Becky and Willie
willie allie becky bennett.JPG (103597 bytes)
Willie, Allie, Becky and Bennett
MA PEO ladies.JPG (123574 bytes)
The PEO ladies
willie bennett brandon.JPG (43289 bytes)
Willie, Bennett and Brandon
allie.JPG (129476 bytes)
MA Snapps Beckie Rob.JPG (102121 bytes)
Beckie and Rob with John and Janet Snapp

kristi.JPG (103651 bytes)

MA Brian Mary Ann.JPG (231530 bytes)
Brian and Mary Ann
MA Mary Ann Granny.JPG (137328 bytes)
Mary Ann and Granny
wade dave wes.JPG (50383 bytes)
Wade, Dave and Wes
rose and kristi.JPG (49493 bytes)
Grandma Rose and Kristi
cutting the cake.JPG (63829 bytes)
Cutting the cake
cutting cake closeup.JPG (64132 bytes)
Cutting the cake - up close
toast large group.jpg (132108 bytes)
The toast from above ...
toast beckie rob denise.jpg (118217 bytes)
The toast up closer ...
toast closeup.JPG (114638 bytes)
and closer still
kristi allie.JPG (105724 bytes)
Kristi and Allie

MA Nancy Rob Beckie Lionel.JPG (87948 bytes)
Nancy and Rob, Beckie and Lionel

MA Nancy Dave Brandons.JPG (127324 bytes)
Nancy and Dave

kristi dave dancing.JPG (134950 bytes)
Kristi and Dave
MA Rob Beckie leaving 2.JPG (113862 bytes)

MA Rob Beckie leaving.JPG (114391 bytes)
Leaving the party!

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