Nana and Papa Dave Visit Granhy Hobson and Georgia Family
March 31-April 3, 2005

Nancy and Granny with the Family picture frame

Close-up of the Family Frame

Nancy and Granny in front of the pear tree

Jack with his photo book

Nana  with Jack in the exersaucer

Nana gets to change a diaper

Nana and Jack beginning a walk

walking in the neighborhood - Spring is here!

in the woods behind the school playground

We've got us a sleeping baby!

touching Granny's quilt

Nana and Jack

Kristi and Micheal join us for Dave's birthday dinner

in the kitchen with Willie

Dave's birthday present from Nancy

Papa Dave and Nana get to babysit on Saturday ...

and we got him to sleep!

visiting with Grandma Rose

Kristi entertains Jack by making faces

"I am the star of the show"

a kiss (??) on the chin for Mom

a smile for Kristi and Micheal

Is Mom trying to make me exercise?

playing with an Easter bunny

chewing my fingers helps with my teething

Jack riding horsey on Nana's foot

Micheal works on a table for Grandma

Kristi the Mowing Queen (we didn't actually see this - but they sent us this picture)

Background is from the picture of Granny's pear tree
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Date created: April 4, 2005
Nancy Badertscher