Kathryn's 80th Birthday
Saturday, February 23, 2002

Lunch and Visit to 410 Holly Street
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How many cooks can we get in Granny's kitchen?

The surprise guests for lunch - Becky, Kristi and Willie!

At the dining room table

410 Holly Street-"The Hill"

Wade-another surprise for Granny-at the back of the house

View of town from the house

Nancy, Mother and Mary Ann on the front sidewalk

Brian and Mary Ann

Mother and Mary Ann in the "jungle"

Becky and Willie 


Nancy and Dave

The whole group - minus Dave the photographer

Mother and Nancy with houses facing Locust St. and town in background

The oak tree in the middle of the driveway

The "jungle" has been cleaned up!

The "remodeled" 404!

Wade, Mary Ann and "friends" from next door

Nancy taping with the brick column in the background

Willie, Becky, Kristi and Nancy in lower part of the front yard

500 Franklin St.- Hobson's house from 1942-'43 and '44-'54

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Nancy Badertscher
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***Background image created from a photo of the orchid given to Mother by one of her friends.
These photos are from Mary Ann (with the blue titles) and Nancy; we'd love to have more from others to add to these pages. Links to larger images of Mary Ann's pictures will be added soon.