Winter 2005 Scenes

Jan 1- mid-Feb Feb 12-13 visit to JC Feb 28 snow storm March 1 snowman late winter scenes

Dave and Nancy enjoy a beautiful New Year's Day

grillin' - Jan. 2

Nancy and Granny with Nancy's recent knitting projects

Sue, Granny and Nancy - Jan. 15

Snow Day! Jan 21

our mailbox

shell in the snow

deck chair

Nandina bush

Phalens, Guinns and Badertschers visit Johnson City - February 12-13

Nana and Jack


4 generations!

3 guys

"Mommy's tickling me!"

Daddy's glasses

Jack with Aunt Sue

Becky and Jack

pulling Nana's hair

Nana helps with dinnertime

3 cooks

Mother with Crystal's books

Jack in bjorn with Becky

Jack with Nana and the Quacker

Jack and Pappa Dave

Jack and Nana

Sunday brunch

"I chew on everything!"

Nana shows Jack family photos

Gigi's valentine from Atty

Jack and Gigi

Mother's Amaryllis from Phalens

click here to see a video clip I took of a tickling session



Our Biggest Snowfall of the Season - February 28

view from the street

and up a little closer

one of the pine trees in the front yard

daffodils by the side of the house ...

and up closer

the bush by the deck

and the tree by the deck

the shed roof

The garden spot waits for spring ...

as do the tomato cages

5" by 10 am


the snowplow makes one of its trip down Battery Lane

icicles in the bush by the deck

lunch anyone?

7+" by 1 pm

Making a Snowman - March 1

Nancy and Dave with the beginnings of a snowman

and closer up

Nancy and our snowman

Dave and our snowman

and closer up with Nancy and Harry (??)

Late Winter scenes

Reading a story in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday

Dave planting taters on St. Patrick's Day



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